HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100

Looking for high-quality HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100? Look no further! We are a factory specializing in top-notch water supply pipes.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Drainpipe, Water Supply Pipe, Threading Pipe, Wire and Cable Pipe, Agricultural Irrigation Pipe
Water Supply
4m,6m or as Required
Transport Package
PE 100/PE 80
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

ggHDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
Product Name HDPE Water Supply Pipe and Fitting
Specification DN20 - DN1400mm
Pressure PN 0.6Mpa - PN 2.0Mpa
Raw Material PE80 PE100
Features · Environmental protection: Non-toxic any toxic additives.
· Safety and Hygiene: widely apply in the drink water supply.
· Excellent Durability: Over 50 years
· Chemical  Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high wear resistance.
· The brittle Temperature:-60ºC
· Cost Saving with high-efficiency: Lightweight. Simple connection, simple maintenance.
Standards GB/T 19001-2016,GB/T 13663-2018,GB/T 24001-2016,EN 1220-1:2011 EN
EN ISO 1452-1:2009,EN ISO 1452-22009,EN ISO 1452-3:2010
Application Urban drink water supply   
Agricultural irrigation.  
Sewage discharge.              
Landscape garden water supply
Electrical Cable threading.
Connection Welding
Color Black or Customized

HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100

HDPE Pipe Features:

1. Long working life. Minimum 50 years life under normal conditions.
2. Hygiene. PE pipe are nontoxic, without the composition of heavy metal additives. No scale, not breeding germ, no second pollution to the potable water.
3. High resistance to attack from various types of chemicals. 

4. Smooth internal surface. Extremely low friction coefficient. Improved capability for media to pass through. Excellent abrasive resistance.
5. Good flexibility, high resistance to impact. Resistance to earthquake and twisting,brittle temperature could be -70°C.
6. Light weight, easy to transport, convenient installation.
7. Unique electric fusion welding and butt welding make the joints stronger than the material, to guarantee a safe and reliable joint.
8. Simple welding technique, convenient installation. Total cost is low for the installation.
9. Polyethylene water pipes are produced in black, black with blue stripes and blue etc

HDPE Pipe Connection:
Socket welding, butt fusion welding, electric fusion welding, flange connection.
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
HDPE Pipe Application:
1.Urban area water-supply work system. Large diameter PE pipe is healthy and non-toxic and more suitable for urban water supply main conduit and buried tube.

2.Replace cement tube, iron pipe and steel tube. Applicable for renovation project and does not need large area excavation,   PE pipe can be widely used in old town of pipe network reconstruction.
3.Industrial materials transmission pipe. Chemical industry, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmacy, light industry and paper-making, metallurgical and other industrial raw material conveying pipe.
4.Landscaping water supply network. As landscaping project needs lots of water supply pipes, PE pipe is the best choice for its toughness and low costs.
5.Sewage discharge pipes. PE pipe have unique corrosion resistance, can be used in industrial waste water, sewage discharged pipe, low costs and maintenance costs .
6.Ore, mud transfers. PE pipe has high resistance to stress and wear resistance, can be widely applied in conveying ore, coal ash and river bait-casting mud.
7. Agricultural irrigation pipe. PE pipe has the merits of great flow and good impact resistance, it is the ideal tool for agricultural irrigation.
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100

Details  Specification
Nominal pressure PN 0.6 MPa PN 0.8 MPa PN 1.0 MPa PN 1.25 MPa PN 1.6 MPa PN 2.0MPa
Standard dimension ratio SDR26 SDR21 SDR17 SDR13.6 SDR11 SDR9
Nominal outside diameter
Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm)
Φ20         2.30  2.30 
Φ25       2.30  2.30  3.00 
Φ32     2.30  2.40  3.00  3.60 
Φ40   2.30  2.40  3.00  3.70  4.50 
Φ50 2.30  2.40  3.00  3.70  4.60  5.60 
Φ63 2.50  3.00  3.80  4.70  5.80  7.10 
Φ75 2.90  3.60  4.50  5.60  6.80  8.40 
Φ90 3.50  4.30  5.40  6.70  8.20  10.40 
Φ110 4.20  5.30  6.60  8.10  10.00  12.30 
Φ125 4.80  6.00  7.40  9.20  11.40  14.00 
Φ140 5.40  6.70  8.30  10.30  12.70  15.70 
Φ160 6.20  7.70  9.50  11.80  14.60  17.90 
Φ180 6.90  8.60  10.70  13.30  16.40  20.10 
Φ200 7.70  9.60  11.90  14.70  18.20  22.40 
Φ225 8.60  10.80  13.40  16.60  20.50  25.20 
Φ250 9.60  11.90  14.80  18.40  22.70  27.90 
Φ280 10.70  13.40  16.60  20.60  25.40  31.30 
Φ315 12.10  15.00  18.70  23.20  28.60  35.20 
Φ355 13.60  16.90  21.10  26.10  32.20  39.70 
Φ400 15.30  19.10  23.70  29.40  36.30  44.70 
Φ450 17.20  21.50  26.70  33.10  40.90  50.30 
Φ500 19.10  23.90  29.70  36.80  45.40  55.80 
Φ560 21.40  26.70  33.20  41.20  50.80  62.50 
Φ630 24.10  30.00  37.40  46.30  57.20  70.30 
Φ710 27.20  33.90  42.10  52.20  64.50  79.30 
Φ800 30.60  38.10  47.40  58.80  72.60  89.30 
Φ900 34.40  42.90  53.30  66.20  81.70   
Φ1000 38.20  47.70  59.30  72.50  90.20   
Φ1200 45.90  57.20  67.90  88.20     
Φ1400 53.50  66.70  82.40  102.90     

HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
  Shandong Siffo Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd.is a professional supplier of HDPE & PVC pipes, is the first national high-tech enterprise in Hedong District. The factory is located in shandong Province, and we have over 10 years experience of producing HDPE pipes,PVC pipes,Corruagted drainage pipes and all kinds of fittings ,and5 years exporting experience.Our factory covers more than 25,000 square meters. And we have 20 engineers and about more than 100 workers.
  Siffo pipe company has first-class production equipment and advanced detection equipment , has accumulated a large number of professional and technical elites, specializing in R & D, production and sales of plastic pipe products, metal products and rubber products. The annual production capacity of various types of products for  company reaches 100000 tons.
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100
HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100


HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100

Package & Shipping

HDPE Pipes 315mm Pn12.5 Water Supply Pipes PE100

1.Q: What is the Raw material ?
A: 100% virgin raw material.
2.Q: What is your MOQ?
A: As customers' requests. 
3.Q: why choose us?
A: We are a professional manufacturer with competitive price, good quality and fast delivery time.
4.Q: How to buy the product?
A: Send email to me, we will reply to you within one day.
5.Q: Can you make special Design and logo on product?
A: Yes, very easy.
6. Q: What is the shipping port?
   A: Shanghai or Qingdao port.


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