Oil Pipeline Cleaning by Biological Enzyme and Bacteria/Grease Trap Treatment in Restaurants/ Hotels /Commercial Building

Introducing our product "BioCleanse Pro" for Oil Pipeline Cleaning and Grease Trap Treatment. We are a factory specializing in biological enzyme and bacteria-based solutions for restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. Keep your pipelines and grease traps clean and efficient with our eco-friendly and effective products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1kg or 25kgs
China Weifang
Production Capacity
800t Per Month

Product Description

Application :

 Oil & Grease traps
 Kitchen drains & Clogged pipelines
 De-greaser & Lift station
 Primary clarifier
 Drain lines & Sewer Lines
 Dairies and food processing plants

 Biological Producs for GreaseTreatment  & Pipline Dredging 

Quick Details:

Brand Name:






Biological Product for Grease Degradation& Pipeline Dredging

Brief Introduction:

Grease Treatment & Pipline Dredging is a blend of bacteria and enzymes which specially used in the area of degrading oil and grease, which leads to a radical cure to the pipe blockage of kitchen, dining hall, hotel, restaurant, meat processing factory, etc. It is a natural and environment friendly high-tech biological product.


 1kg/foil bag; 20kg/ paper carton ,25kgs per drum 


Unique bacterial formula + biological reinforcing agents + micronutrients


Enzyme: Lipase, cellulase, protease, Bacteria: Bacillus subtilis, Polymyxa1, Aapergillus and other useful bacterias.

Bioaugmentation Benefits:
♦ Control grease and eliminate FOG buildup
♦ Produce an excellent effluent
♦ Reduce sludge build-up & improve settling
♦ Reduce the accumulation of unsightly deposits of grease and fat
♦ Increase efficiency and performance of collection systems
♦ Significantly reduce odor problems
• Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide odor issues
• Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide corrosion issues
• Eliminate or reduce fats, oils and grease accumulation

Down Stream Wastewater Treatment Plant Benefits:
• Lower BOD loading due to less organics reaching WWTP
• Increase plant throughput per unit time
• Reduce sludge generated by WWTP
• Decrease turbidity
• Improve settle-ability
• Improve plant operations

Cost Reduction Benefits:
• Reduce or eliminate electricity and maintenance costs for bio-filters or scrubbers
• Reduce or eliminate labor cost for manual lift station pump out and line jetting
• Extend life of pumps and other metal parts

Bioaugmentation For Municipal Wastewater Treatment - Reduce Your Sludge Removal Costs With
Bioaugmentation Sludge Tank And Lagoon Treatment Program

SLUDGE is a costly by-product of all wastewater treatment facilities. For facilities equipped with sludge holding tanks, ponds or lagoons, we provide a solution to alleviate the challenges associated with their operation.

LOWER DISPOSAL COSTS - Whether hauling pressed or liquid sludge to landfill or land application, sludge disposal is a significant cost to you. Improved digestion and dewatering means less sludge to handle, haul and dispose of.

IMPROVED DEWATERING - Poor separation of water and solids during decanting and pressing leads to increase polymer usage, labor, and hauling costs. Enhanced digestion produces more consistent sludge, improving dewatering while reducing polymer usage and labor.

REDUCED ODOR & H2S - Complaints from the community, corrosion and operator safety are prevalent issues with sludge pressing and sludge tanks due to H2S and odorous compounds released during transfer/pressing. Through improved digestion our program inhibits production of odorous compounds and H2S and reduces complaints, safety issues and corrosion.

INCREASED CAPACITY - Poor dewatering, digestion and excess loading of sludge leads to a bottleneck for the WWTP in sludge handling. The improvements in digestion and dewatering results in increased operational capacity of the sludge tank/pond system.

Oil Pipeline Cleaning by Biological Enzyme and Bacteria/Grease Trap Treatment in Restaurants/ Hotels /Commercial Building

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